16 New Speakers Added to ATO 2016 Lineup

As we wrap up our first week, we’re extremely pleased to announce 16 more speakers. This group is comprised of both technologists and high level decision makers. Each speaker is a thought leader making significant contributions.

The new speakers include:

  • Tracy Osborn – She’s a designer, developer, and entreprenerd living in the California Bay area. She’s part of the Developer Relations team at DreamFactory, the author of Hello Web App, and the creator of WeddingLovely.
  • Steve Klabnik – A well known author, one of the world’s leading Ruby on Rails committers, the 200th most active user on GitHub, and now working at Mozilla on the RUST programming language and serving as a RUST core contributor. He speaks at events around the world and always draws a huge crowd.
  • Stuart Mackintosh – Stuart is the Chair of the Open Source Consortium – The UK Open Source Industry Association. He is active in the promotion of practical methods to implement Open Source across both public and private sectors and has supported the UK Government with it’s transition to Open Source and Open Standards. He’s also worked in open source since 1995 and is founder of OpusVL.
  • Will Hayes – Will is CEO of Lucidworks, a San Francisco-based enterprise search company backed by the world’s strongest and most active open search community, Apache Solr.
  • Taylor Trusty – Recognized as one of the top people to know in technology, Taylor serves as CEO of Blackstone Media in New York City.
  • Amye Scavarda – Amy serves as the Gluster Community Lead at Red Hat and speaks at large technology events across the country.
  • Shaunak Kashyap – Shaunak has been a back-end developer for more than a decade, speaks at meetups and conferences around the world, and now serves as Developer Advocate at Elastic
  • Brandon Keepers – Brandon is the Head of Open Source at GitHub.
  • John Feminella – John is a long-time technologist, serves as an adviser to Pivotal, and he’s currently leading the analytics monitoring and reporting startup UpHex.
  • Jim Jagielski – Jim is one the most well known open source experts in the world. He co-founded the Apache Software Foundation, has served in numerous executive roles at major technology companies, serves as President and Director of the Outercurve Foundation, and now serves as Director of the Tech Fellows program at Capital One.
  • Hillary Pitts – Hillary serves as a Product Strategist at Smashing Boxes specializing in UX research, analytics, and SEO.
  • Shane Curcuru – Shane serves as Director and VP of Brand Management at The Apache Software Foundation, setting policy for trademarks and branding across all 200+ Apache projects.
  • Bermon Painter – Bermon remains one of the most recognizable front-end/design experts in the country. He organizes multiple community events, leads the user experience practice at Cardinal Solutions, and continues to speak across the country.
  • Craig Warman – Craig is a Systems Engineer with MapR Technologies and has worked with databases and software for the last 25 years.
  • Joel Crawford-Smith – With more than 10 years of web development experience, Joel serves as an IT Analyst and web developer at Duke University. Prior to that, he worked on multiple projects in Washington D.C. for Senators, Senate Committees, Representatives, the Federal Reserve, National Park Service, and many other government agencies and NGOs.
  • Matt Micene – Matt is a Solutions Architect and Lead Engineer for DLT Solutions. He’s done everything from Solaris, Linux architecture, and system design to data center design.