2016 Preview – The Best Conference Yet

Since the very first year we hosted All Things Open in 2013, our goal has remained the same – to host a world-class event featuring the best speakers and most important topics in the open source/open web/enterprise space, at a cost that is affordable and fair. Although we’ve undoubtedly made our share of mistakes, we like to believe we’ve done a pretty good job.

It is with this same goal in mind that we look ahead to the 2016 event and what is to come in October. While some things will remain the same, some things will change and new features will be offered in our ongoing effort to provide the best experience and most value possible.

What won’t change:

World-class speakers and content

Our commitment to showcase the very best in the industry remains steadfast.

A commitment to diversity and reaching new people

We want everyone with an interest to attend and participate, and feel welcome while doing so.

The educational value

We carefully choose topics and speakers based on what can be learned and what value they provide to the attendee.


We strive to make ATO as accessible as possible for everyone, from the student just getting started, to the sole practitioner on his/her own, to the entire technology team working together to produce a great product or service.

What will change:

Shorter registration lines

We’re expanding the number of check-in/registration tables to make registration easier and faster.

More seating for keynotes

We have reserved the entire top level at the Convention Center this year, which will enable us to dedicate two ballrooms to keynotes. This means seating can comfortably accommodate 2,000+.

More tracks

Based on survey feedback, we will expand the number of tracks to ensure “must cover” topics are thoroughly discussed and covered.

Better screens in breakout rooms

We heard the feedback, and better screens and visibility will be available in breakout rooms.

Better labels on sessions

We’re working hard to let attendees know the level of each talk – intro, intermediate, advanced. This will allow better decisions when planning which sessions to attend.

What tracks/sessions are being recorded

We’ll do a better job of informing everyone of what tracks and sessions are being recorded. This will allow better choices if two sessions of interest are being offered at the same time.

Expanded exhibit area

We’re very fortunate that a good number of companies want to exhibit, and we’re working hard to expand that number and the space in which they’ll exhibit. We realize this component of the conference is very popular and of great interest to many.

Please note we will continue to revise aspects of the conference as we move forward, and will continue to add brand new features as well, some of which will be huge news. All are and will be based on your feedback and the feedback we received following the 2015 event.

Our goal is to host the absolute best conference on the east coast and deliver the most ROI possible to attendees. It has been our focus and will remain so for the next 6+ months.