2017 Keynote Speakers and Lineup Announced

Keynote speakers are often one of the most important things to consider when organizing an event. Many attendees remember the talks and personalities long after the conference ends, and a long lasting impression is made in this way.

With that said, we feel the 2017 lineup represents the conference well and will be very well received. It’s a diverse group of industry veterans, current superstars, and a couple of people you’re guaranteed to hear from for years to come. All are world-class and attendees are guaranteed to learn new things and be introduced to new ways of thinking as a result.

And now, the 2017 All Things Open keynote lineup:

Monday, October 23
Ballroom B – 4th floor
8:45 – 10:20 am ET

Kelsey Hightower – Google Cloud Platform
Sara Chipps – CEO, Jewelbots
Tim Yeaton – EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Red Hat
Danese Cooper – Head of Open Source Software, PayPal
Jake Flomenberg – Partner, Accel

Tuesday, October 24
Ballroom B – 4th floor
9:00 am – 11:00 am ET

Safia Abdalla – nteract
Matt Asay – VP of Mobile, Adobe
Burr Sutter – Director of Developer Experience, Red Hat
John Papa – Principal Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Jeff Atwood – Coding Horror programming blog