5th and Final Round of 2015 Speakers Announced – A World-Class Lineup Now Complete

As was the case with the previous four rounds of speaker announcements, we are extremely proud to present the fifth and final group.

This round is once again very diverse with companies of all types and sizes represented. There are the large we all know such as Facebook and Intel/McAfee, the small you most likely know – Tilde, and the quickly expanding creative digital product firm you will definitely know soon if you don’t already – Smashing Boxes. In all it’s a group of world-class individuals you will not want to miss.

So, for the fifth and final time in 2015, drumroll please…

Yehuda Katz – Co-founder, Tilde Inc. Yehuda is one of the creators of Ember.js, a member of the Rust Core Team, and a retired Ruby on Rails and jQuery Core Team member.

Christine Abernathy – Developer Advocate, Facebook. Christine works on the Open Source team at Facebook and has a passion for developers and mobile technologies. She previously headed up engineering at Mshift.

David O’Berry – Worldwide Technology Strategist, Intel Security Group. David speaks around the world and is a recognized international security expert. His talks are high energy and extremely engaging.

Aaron Huslage – Solutions Engineer, Docker. Aaron is an accomplished engineer, open source hardware designer, open source software contributor, writer, and entrepreneur.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols – Contributing Editor, CBS/ZDNet; Columnist, ComputerWorld. Steven is one of the most widely read writers in open source, and has been for years.

Valeri Karpov – NodeJS Engineer, MongoDB. Valeri maintains the popular Mongoose ODM and several other MongoDB-related npm modules. He’s also a Hacker in Residence at BookaLokal, the author of Professional AngularJS, and a blogger for StrongLoop.

Caroline Simard – Research Director, Clayman Institute for Gender Research @ Stanford University. Caroline is responsible for leading research designed to build more effective and inclusive organizations and for building the Corporate Program, a platform for academic-industry collaboration to advance women’s leadership.

John Wargo – Principle Analyst, Forrester Research. Currently a Principal Analyst for Forrester Research focusing on Mobile Development and Open-Source Software. He’s written 6 books on mobile development.

John Berryman – Senior Software Engineer, Eventbrite. John left the life of an aerospace engineer behind and now focuses full-time on software development, infrastructure architecture, and data science.

Brandon Mathis – Lead Backend Developer, Smashing Boxes. Brandon is very involved in the open source community and now organizes one of the largest Ruby meetups in the nation with over 1,000 members.

Brian Hyder – CTO & Co-founder, PencilBlue.  Brian is a developer and entrepreneur.  He regularly travels all over NC and the east speaking to meet up groups about everything from the MEAN stack to Open Source.

Isabel Jimenez – Distributed Systems Engineer, Mesosphere. Isabel contributed to open source and got a job! She now works on the core of Apache Mesos and she’ll talk about getting a job in open source.

Brendan Lee – Co–founder/iOS Developer, 52Inc. Brendan leads a talented team of developers and has extensive experience integrating open source components into large-scale software projects.

Carlos Santana – Software Architect, IBM. Carlos is an Apache Cordova Committer and regularly leverages open source technologies at IBM.

Lance Gleason – Founder/Lead Architect, Polyglot Programming. Lance regularly speaks and organizes all over the world. He’s worked with organizations such as CNN, GE, and Kodak and focuses on Ruby, mobile and wearable software development.

Alberto Roca – Executive Director, Diverse Scholar. Alberto speaks at events all over the U.S. and writes and edits articles for the DiverseScholar magazine.

John William Templeton – President, Venturata Economic Development Corporation. He’s also executive producer of its joint venture ReUNION: Education-Arts-Heritage, the global African childrens channel.

Peter Shannon – Operations Engineer, DramaFever. He’s a DevOps practitioner with a passion for reducing complexity and bridging the culture gap referred to as the “wall of confusion”.

Andy Robinson – Principal, Phase 2 Technology. A chemical engineer, active blogger, and the Co-founder of aaOpenSource, a movement dedicated to creating open source software tools to improve the state of manufacturing software.

Bermon Painter – Experience Design/Practice Manager, Cardinal Solutions. Organizer of various user groups for user experience designers and front-end developers in and around the glorious city of Charlotte.

Ricky Saltzer – Data Engineer, Cloudera. Ricky is a contributor to multiple open source big data projects and remains very involved in the Raleigh/RTP big data community.

Jason Hare – Director of Open Data, Balefire Global. Jason is a recognized leader on both a national and international level when it comes to open data. He regularly consults with governments and clients around the world.

Ian Pointer – Lead Engineer, Mammoth Data. Ian specializes in Hadoop infrastructure and Spark solutions, with more than 15 years of development and operations experience.

David Both – President, Millennium Technology.  David is a Linux and Open Source advocate with over 30 years of IT experience.  He’s written numerous articles for some of the top publications in the world.