A Look Back at All Things Open 2015

We feel very fortunate to say 2015 was a good year for the conference, and there are a few reasons why.

For those of us that have worked on the event from the beginning, it’s rewarding to see something you start from nearly nothing grow and be accepted by the community. Going from 700 or so in 2013, to nearly 1,100 in 2014, to the more than 1,700 that attended and participated in 2015 has been an amazing experience we wouldn’t trade for anything. We are absolute proof people can start something, and with the help of others, to work toward a common goal and achieve really cool things.

With growth comes an increase in the number of people you meet, get to know, and learn from. We are truly fortunate the All Things Open attendee is not only smart and motivated, but they genuinely care about others and want the community to do well. To have the opportunity to meet such world-class people is an awesome opportunity, and it makes us better people.

Finally, 2015 afforded us the opportunity to help more people by providing a (hopeful) world-class educational and networking opportunity. We’ve said it before many times, but we genuinely do care that nearly everyone can attend All Things Open and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities to learn and better themselves, and meet people that can help them personally in their careers. We firmly believe that when you provide value it “comes back around”. We believe the growth we’ve experienced, from 700 to 1750+ in three years, is proof of this.

We’ll continue our commitment in 2016 to providing the most value possible to attendees and sponsors. That much you can count on.