All Things Open 2014 to Feature Elizabeth Joseph of Hewlett Packard

ekrumbach_080_400x213We are excited to welcome Elizabeth Joseph to All Things Open in Raleigh this October. Lyz will talk to us about Open Source Systems Administration – so, how to administer open source systems, right? Well, probably. But not necessarily – what Lyz will really be talking about is administering systems in an open source way, which is crucial to scalability of larger projects, and arguably an area in which sysadmins tend to lag behind developers.

If you’re active in the Ubuntu community, you probably either already know who Lyz is or at least are wondering why her name sounds familiar – in addition to her work at Hewlett-Packard, she’s the same “Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph” whose name headlines your Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter every Monday night. She is also on the board of directors of Partimus, a Bay-area non-profit dedicated to deploying Linux computers to schools and organizations in need, has particpated in a deployment of Linux computers to Ghana in West Africa, and is a published technical author and editor.