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Announcing Snapshot: A monthly newsletter from the ATO team


The team at All Things Open is proud to announce something we’ve wanted to do for a while now – a monthly newsletter.

While we host a few events each year – All Things Open and the Open Source 101 Series – and we send emails to promote those events, we haven’t historically done much to capture and pass along the insight, awareness, and perhaps even wisdom we gain in the process.

We hope to change that with Snapshot.

Each digital newsletter will include curated content from around the world gathered from CMEs and thought leaders, as well as from communication with hundreds of technologists over the course of the year. Each newsletter will include the following types of information:



The most important stories and opinions in the areas of development, infrastructure/networking, cloud/big data, security, community and business.




Training and conference talk videos, books, and slide presentations that are new, or just so good everyone should know about them.




Upcoming conferences everyone contributing to or consuming open source should know about




Opportunities requiring open source skills and/or open source methodology/process knowledge and expertise




Voluntary surveys in each issue designed to gather data about a specific open source topic. We’ll then make that intelligence available to readers.



The newsletter will be sent out monthly, with the first edition coming in a couple of weeks. Recipients can unsubscribe at any time with just the click of a button.

We sincerely hope our community finds value in Snapshot. Our goal has always been to provide valuable open source/tech/web education to attendees and to our community overall. We view this as a natural extension of what we do and an honest attempt to keep those interested better informed and better prepared.

As always, we can be contacted with questions, comments, and ideas at [email protected].