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Introduction to Istio Ambient Mesh with Lin Sun

Watch this interview to learn more about how Istio Ambient Mesh works using a sidecar-less approach.

Lin Sun, Director of Open Source at Solo.io, sits down with All Things Open and shares her broad knowledge about service meshes, in particular, Istio. Learn more about Istio Ambient Mesh and some best practices and resources to get started with service meshes.

Service meshes are designed to help developers solve the problems to connect, secure, and observe communications for applications that use microservices.

Fun fact: Istio is the Greek word for sailing.

What is Istio Ambient Mesh?

Solo.io and Google partnered to introduce a new data plane type to the Istio project, creating the Istio sidecar-less approach. Istio Ambient Mesh provides the ability to run your application in the service mesh without the Sidecar. This also allows users to adapt the mesh more gradually. (No more Sidecar baggage is needed, because it uses a secure overlay layer.)

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Istio 1.22 was released on May 13, 2024. Read more about this milestone and the production-ready Layer 4 and Layer 7 features that were part of the 1.22 release.

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