Back End Dev Track at ATO 2014 to be Sponsored by Allyde

We are extremely pleased to announce that our friends at Allyde will sponsor the Back End Dev track at All Things Open 2014. David Hurley and his team have done a great job getting Allyde off the ground to launch Mautic, the world’s first completely free and open source marketing automaton platform. We understand the hard work required to pull this off and we couldn’t be happier to have them as partners.

Why is Allyde helping to make the Back Dev track possible? We’ll let David explain…

If you’ve never heard of Allyde before don’t feel bad, you’re most certainly not alone. We’ve only recently formed to support and help grow the fantastic open source product Mautic. Yep, there’s another name you may not have heard of before. But we are pretty sure you’ll be hearing much more about it in the coming weeks and months. Mautic is the world’s first completely free and open source marketing automation platform. The first. It’s a big deal. Previously businesses had go pay huge monthly fees to use this type of software and most small businesses could never afford this type of tool. The Mautic community and the Mautic platform changes everything.

But enough marketing talk, here is the reason why we wanted to sponsor the backend dev track at All Things Open. First we believe whole-heartedly in the power of open source. All Things Open is of course the perfect event for us to sponsor. Secondly, Mautic is community driven. Developers are critical to help make the product better and we believe the dev provides some of the most important business advice for companies. You guys are the best, plain and simple.

The Mautic software is built on the popular Symfony framework and follows best practices in coding styles. We depend on a code base which can be easily understood and improved upon by backend devs and we welcome your contributions and feedback. Hopefully you’ll be interested enough to talk with one of the Mautic community members at the event and find out more information (or you can find us online at and tweeting from @trymautic).

The Back Dev track will take place on both days of the conference and will be loaded with great talks. Just a few include: