Bryan Totty to Perform at Capital One Welcome Social

Bryan Totty will perform three songs at the All Things Open Capital One Welcome Social. The event is scheduled for Tuesday evening, October 25th, 2016 at Lincoln Theatre starting at 6:00 pm EST.

He is a performing musician who goes by the stage name of “Totty” and has been featured on ABC News and in The News and Observer for his music. He released ‘We Love Raleigh’, a culture driven music video for the software company Red Hat. The music video has become widely popular among local Raleigh residence and has also spread globally in the technology community. Because of the success of the single, he recorded his album ‘Oak City’ and used the single ‘We Love Raleigh’ as an anchor for the album concept.

Totty’s three songs will include “New Year’, ‘We Love Raleigh’, and his brand new single ‘All Around The World’, which will soon be released as a Red Hat music video. The new song drives at the core of Open Source culture and is the anticipated follow up to his last single.

In addition to music, he is an Engineer now turned Product Security Program Manager at Red Hat. He also owns a record label named Totty Music and runs a recording studio.