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First-time Speaker Series Announced

It’s important to feature new and diverse speakers, and while we’ve always made it a consistent goal, we want to do more.

We’re proud to announce our first-time speaker series, and we’re actively looking for first-time speakers.

Anyone interested in becoming a regular speaker and gaining valuable experience at an upcoming All Things Open event should submit a talk today. Opportunities will begin with the upcoming RTP meetup taking place May 14 at The Frontier and the May 7 meetup in Columbia, SC, and will include future meetups in both cities throughout 2019. In addition, we’ll feature first-time speakers at All Things Open this year in October and are considering talks submitted today.

Submissions should be 5-8 minutes in length and be on a topic relevant to open source or technology in general. We feel delivering 5-8 minutes of content is a great place to start – not too overwhelming and in front of a supportive audience, which is extremely important.

Submit a talk using the form below. If you have questions or need anything, let us know at [email protected].

And one final item: We’re happy to provide all the advice and “coaching” we can to any speaker we feature. We’ll also record presentations, which will allow a great opportunity for review, analysis, and improvement.


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