More world-class technologists added to speaker lineup at All Things Open 2014

We are extremely proud to announce additional speakers have been added to the already stellar lineup at All Things Open. Take a look and make plans now to meet them and attend sessions.  

Jason Hibbets, Director, community leader, author of "Foundation for an Open Source City"Jason Hibbets – The man behind, community leader, keynote speaker, and author of The Foundation for An Open Source City

Mark Hinkle – Longtime open source expert and author.  Now serves as Senior Director of Open Source Solutions at Citrix.  Has held leadership positions at, and been in published in, the most well respected open source publications and websites in the country.

Karen Sandler – Executive Director of the Software Freedom Conservancy; former Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation, General Council of the Software Freedom Law Center, O’Reilly Open Source Award winner and co-host of the “Free As in Freedom” podcast.

Estelle Weyl, author of the O'Reilly books "Mobile HTML5", "HTML5" and "Web Performance Daybook"Estelle Weyl – Internationally published author and extremely well known web developer and trainer.  If you work with the web you’ve probably read her stuff.

Erica Stanley – Founder of Aspire and Co-founder of Women Who Code Atlanta.  Extremely active in the technology community with a long history of participation in open source.

Steven Vaughan-Nichols – One of the top technology and business journalists in the country today.  Columnist at ComputerWorld, Contributing Editor at CBS/ZDNet

Jason Weathersby – Current technology Evangelist at Mozilla and long time open source leader and contributor.

Jim Jagielski – A well known expert and visionary in open source and IT.  Co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation and a current Director at the Open Source Initiative (OSI)