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October 13 - 15


Multiple onsite studies at All Things Open this year – qualify and get paid

Focus on Hybrid Cloud and marginalized communities

Data analysis and reporting is something near-and-dear to our hearts at All Things Open, and this year several companies are conducting onsite studies to do just those things.

The studies will take place Sunday, October 13 (day one) at the Raleigh Convention Center and Monday, October 14 (day two) at the Marriott meeting space (it’s connected to the Raleigh Convention Center, volunteers will be in place to provide direction) and they are entirely voluntary. However, they do require an RSVP.

Here is a brief summary of the studies along with a link to sign up if interested:

Study #1

Host: IBM Hybrid Cloud team

Description: Come join the chat sessions hosted by the IBM Hybrid Cloud team on Sunday afternoon and all day on Monday. We’ll be talking about open source, cloud application development, and modernization.

Share your thoughts, meet fellow developer attendees, and get paid up to $80.


Study #2

Host: HPE, Red Hat, IBM, and Accenture

Description: Open source projects offer contribution opportunities like never before. But the opportunity comes with its own set of challenges. What have been the highs and lows of your own open source journey? We want to hear your voice.

A team of researchers from different companies is conducting a focus group on Sunday, October 13th at the All Things Open conference in Raleigh, NC. The study will focus on the challenges of those in marginalized communities when they contribute to the open source. The team includes researchers from IBM, HPE, Red Hat, and Accenture.

We’d value your input and hope to join you in making the open community diverse. Please complete a brief five question screener survey if you’re interested in participating.