New tracks to be featured at ATO 2016

In our never-ending quest to stay on top of a quickly changing open source landscape, we’re happy to announce a few new tracks will be featured at the conference this year.

Each track is the result of attendee feedback after the 2015 conference, as well as our own research and daily communication. Although not exhaustive in any way, we feel these will be of great interest to attendees and should result in a higher quality and more diverse event.

Just a few new tracks to be featured include:

  • Hardware/IoT – Given the increasing levels of importance each are now playing in the “open” space, we will dedicate an exclusive track to open hardware and IoT on both days of the conference. We will be including more of these types of companies in the exhibit area so attendees can explore for themselves. In addition, NCRIoT will host the track and will host a Hardware/IoT Showcase on one evening during ATO.
  • Start-Up – This track will feature open source start-up companies as well as start-up oriented topics. In addition, we’ll partner with VergeNC and their network of thousands to host a pitch contest on the main stage at ATO. Open Source start-up companies will also be featured in the exhibit area for the first time ever.
  • Blockchain – As blockchain technology migrates to the enterprise and carries the potential to reduce cost and complexity, we’re going to offer you an opportunity to learn more about it.
  • Healthcare – We’ll feature some of the most important technologies impacting records, patient information, practice management, diagnostic imaging, and many other areas
  • Education – The tools, technologies, and platforms impacting education at every level.
  • Gaming – We’ll take a look at the games and technologies themselves, as well as some of the issues impacting this fast growing segment of the “open” space.