Open Source 101 Conference

Open Source 101 is a one-day on-ramp (or refresher) conference

We created the Open Source 101 conference in 2016/2017 to provide an on-ramp for those new to the open source space, or a refresher to industry veterans. It’s a one-day event focusing on the “basics” of open source technologies and processes. Content is generally introductory – intermediate level in nature. The goal is to provide enough education and guidance so those attending can effectively contribute to and consume open source and generally operate within an open source environment.

The 2023 conference took place Thursday, March 23 in downtown Charlotte, NC USA.

2023 Host Venue

The host location of Open Source 101 2023 was The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s (UNCC) Dubois CenterThe Dubois Center is an ultra-modern building located in the heart of downtown and close to public transportation, hotels and other attractions.

Target Audience

New, early career and veteran technologists, community leaders, executives, decision makers, and college/ university/code school tech students. Basically, those interested in learning more about open source technologies and processes. Includes developers, programmers, designers, engineers, scientists, community leaders, business leaders, BA’s, QA’s, and students of all types.


The 2023 conference took place in-person in downtown Charlotte, NC at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s (UNCC) Dubois Center. Keynotes and a number of sessions were live streamed and available all over the world. Speakers delivered talks across multiple tracks including Technologies, Processes, Community and Projects.

Attendance & Participation

*2023 was an in-person event with live streamed content

*2022 was a virtual event

*2020 was the last in-person, pre-COVID event