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Open Source Charlotte Meetup

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We recently launched the Open Charlotte Meetup group – and we are thrilled! If you live in the Charlotte area or simply want to attend a future meetup, join us today. It’s 100% FREE.

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What is Open Source Charlotte?
The meetup examines topics and technologies in the open source/tech/web space. Each meeting features:

  • technical talks from subject matter experts
  • networking
  • food and beverages
  • swag/technology giveaways

Target Audience
Target audience includes technologists and technology decision makers of all types, and of all experience levels. Being inclusive is a core principle and one we strongly believe in.

How Often Do We Meet?
Meetups take place every month – on average 10 or so a year.

When Do We Meet?
Meetups generally take place in the evening (live programming begins at 6:30 pm ET), but we’ll host a few sessions during the day for those that can’t make it out during evening hours.

Who Hosts The Meetup?
The meetup is hosted by All Things Open (ATO), the team behind the All Things Open conference and network. We’ve been hosting open source events for nearly 15 years, way before it was cool. 

All meetups are 100% FREE to attend. *Note, the team doesn’t sell products or services, so there is no “catch”. We simply love bringing people together around open source technology. See our core values here.

Where Do We Meetup?
All meetups take place in downtown Charlotte:

Dubois Center at UNC Charlotte Center City
2nd floor – Lecture Hall
320 E. 9th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Parking and Transportation
Public rail, including a public rail station, is located bedside the DuBois Center and easily accessible. More information can be found here. Multiple parking options are also available. Parking details can be found here

How Do I “Join”?

*Note, joining one or both of the above is not required to attend a meetup. You can simply show up if you like. 

Upcoming Meetups

  • Wednesday, March 1 – Grant Ingersoll will deliver “Machine Learning & NLP Advances to Enhance Search & Discovery”. 
  • Thursday, March 23 – We’ll host our annual Open Source 101 one-day conference in downtown Charlotte. Join hundreds of open source technologists from all over the region. 

Contact us at with any questions or comments. 

We sincerely hope to see you at upcoming meetup!!