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OSI and Cumulus to celebrate “Open Source” 20 year anniversary – Monday evening, Oct 22

The Open Source Initiative and Cumulus Networks are celebrating the 20th anniversary of open source at All Thing Open, and invite you to “Hack your open source history.”

They’re collecting and archiving histories of people and projects that have contributed to the open source software movement and its success over the past years.

Join them on Monday, October 22, at 5:45 in room 305A, where they’ll host a TimelineJS hackathon to build the ultimate history of open source software and the people who helped make it all happen!

Participants will create their own interactive, multi-media timeline using TimelineJS. Then, we will collect them and your story will be published on OpenSource.Net.

In addition, they’ll also have a special open source anniversary treat for everyone who participates!

RSVP and get more information here. Only 150 seats available!