Our Position And An Update Regarding HB2

In the interest of providing an ongoing update regarding our position on HB2, as we promised last year, we’d like to take a minute and inform our community of where we stand.

We are very proud to say we continue to work with everyone possible in Raleigh to ensure a safe environment for the 2017 All Things Open conference. The event was safe in 2016 and without incident and attendee safety remains a priority this year.

We have worked and continue to work with the Raleigh Convention Center, whose staff has been amazing and unbelievably supportive. Safe bathroom options exist that accommodate everyone and ensure a very accepting environment. The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau has been equally as supportive this year, as they were in 2016, and they continue to work with us to ensure all private locations used for after-hour events are safe and accommodating. The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, as well as local technology companies and incubators, continue going to great lengths to ensure everyone feels welcome and enjoys a safe and enjoyable time while in the city.

In addition to working with the numerous groups identified above, we continue to meet with individuals and organizations to convey opposition to HB2 and the damage it is inflicting to the very good and hard-working people of the city, region, and state. Good people, often with families to support, are being negatively impacted by the fallout. It is difficult watching years of hard work, and the economic future of so many, be harmed in this way.

Finally, please know we continue to maintain a Code of Conduct formed with input from the community, and one that is strictly enforced. We would also note the Code of Conduct is strictly enforced at all non-Convention Center off-site events and locations as well. We have always done this and 2017 will be no different.

As in 2016, our community has our absolute commitment to ensure everyone attending All Things Open will be safe and welcomed with a hug and a huge smile. We will continue to work day and night to make sure this happens. We also want to ensure everyone the city of Raleigh and the RTP are composed of good people with loving hearts. We work with them, we see them, they are our friends.

We sincerely hope people from all over will join us for the conference. We love open source and we love the community. We will continue to demonstrate it in every way possible.