Our Statement – All Things Open 2016

In light of House Bill 2 recently being passed and signed into law, we’d like to reaffirm our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and providing a safe environment during the conference scheduled to take place in October. We don’t agree with any law that results in an unsafe environment for any person at our events or in the public at large, including this one.

From the time we started hosting not only All Things Open, but events nearly a decade ago, we have clearly and concisely communicated our Code of Conduct to the general public, attendees, sponsors, speakers, and anyone else that would listen, both pre-event and once the events begin. In fact, we’ve been so up-front and conspicuous with the policy and our personal feelings, we have often surprised people. After all, promoting a Code of Conduct, and even having one, has not always been standard operating procedure. The surprise resulting from our adamancy, as we have said many times, is fine with us.

To anyone considering attending All Things Open in Raleigh, do know the event will be a safe place for everyone and that we are currently taking every action possible to ensure this is the case, including working with the City of Raleigh and the Convention Center. Diversity and inclusion are our top values and we take providing an safe environment very seriously. We have since we started ATO in 2013 and do not intend to change that anytime soon.