Palamida to Sponsor and Host Business Track at All Things Open 2014

We at ATO are extremely proud to announce Palamida will sponsor and host the Business track at the conference this year. From top to bottom this track is stacked with targeted talks designed to help anyone working in the ‘business’ space of open source, to include decision makers and technologists of all types.

Why is Palamida, a world-class company, sponsoring the track? In their own words…

We’re happy to sponsor the business track at All Things Open. It’s the flip side of open… there is huge value in the use and reuse of code whether you’re just starting your company, or part of one of the world’s largest. The point is that you’re building your business more than ever on the work of others and you need to know what that means for you, and for your customers. So savvy developers, entrepreneurs and executives should take a few minutes to understand the basics of the legal framework around open source software, the specifics of how and when to use the many styles of licensing, as well as security and supportability considerations. Attending All Things Open is a great way to do that and we’re happy to be one of the many organizations pitching in to support it.

About Palamida:

Palamida delivers products and services for software composition analysis. Using our software and services, our customers identify and track open source and other externally-written software in their development projects in order to manage and secure the software they write against risks resulting from intellectual property infringement and security vulnerabilities.

About the Business track:

The Business track at All Things open 2014 will focus on some of the most important topics impacting those using ‘open’ technology, which includes nearly everyone in today’s business and technology environments. Just a few of the topics will include: