Profiles of 2016 Start-Up Pitch Competitors – A Diverse Group of “Open” Companies

The 2016 Start-Up Pitch Competition is a first-time event for us, so the companies chosen to compete are very important. They must have substance and meet certain “open” standards, while achieving minimum operational and revenue minimums as well.

That being said, we’re thrilled to announce the very diverse companies competing this year. Each will be delivering a 5 minute pitch from the main stage on Wednesday, October 26, then take questions from our all-star panel of judges. At stake will be prize money and much needed exposure for each of them.

The 2016 companies competing:
A company run by Jim Salter, a professional system administrator for more than 20 years and writer for multiple technical publications, including Ars Technica,, and many more. Openoid provides consulting, integration and support services. In addition, it’s featured product is Sanoid, a turn-key product that makes enterprise-level hyperconverged infrastructure available to small and mid-size organizations, for a fraction of the cost.
Monax is a company that enables process automation for enterprise ecosystems. Featured products include Eris, the first Application Platform built from the ground up to provide a logical base for developers and DevOps to build, test, and run ecosystem applications, the Monax Smart Contract Bundles, and multiple development packages.

An international open data company that develops a turnkey SaaS platform designed for smart and easy transformation of all types of data into innovative services (APIs, data visualizations, real-time monitoring). The OpenDataSoft mission: make it easier for business users to publish, share and reuse data.
A company specializing in health information exchange and data integration solutions. Featured products include Djmongo, which provides an out-of-the box web-based user interface and a RESTFul API for MongoDB. Services are also offered, including Django consulting, RESTful API development, MongoDB consulting, Amazon (AWS) consulting and oAuth2 consulting.