See Podcasts and Interviews live at ATO 2016!

In addition to the multiple media partners covering the conference this year four (4) will have an exhibition booth and will be recording podcasts, conducting interviews, and meeting readers.

We strongly encourage attendees to stop by and meet these fantastic organizations. And we sincerely thank them for attending and being part of the event. – Booth #2

With over 1 million members, is one of the web’s largest communities and publishers of technical content for software professionals. Developers from all over the world come to DZone for the latest and best content to hone their skills and advance their careers.

Point of contact: Kellet Atkinson – [email protected]

Changelog Podcast – Booth #58

A weekly podcast that shines a spotlight on the technology and people of open source. It’s about the code, the people, and the community.

Point of contact: Adam Stacoviak – [email protected]

The Cloudcast podcast – Booth #49

Award-winning podcast on all things | Cloud Computing | AWS Ecosystem | OpenSource | DevOps | AppDev | SaaS | SDN. Hosted by Aaron Delp (@aarondelp) and Brian Gracely (@bgracely)

Point of contact: Brian Gracely – [email protected] – Booth #17 publishes stories about creating, adopting, and sharing open source solutions. Visitors can join the community and learn more about how the open source way is improving technologies, education, business, government, health, law, entertainment, humanitarian efforts, and more.

Point of contact: Jason Hibbets – [email protected]