2016 Speaker Lineup

Leading technology and business leaders will participate

Scott Hanselman

Principal Program Manager - .NET Community Open Source / Microsoft

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder / HashiCorp

Rachel Nabors

Web Animations Expert /

Jeremy King

CTO / Walmart Global eCommerce

Kelsey Hightower

Developer Advocate / Google Cloud Platform

Jim Whitehurst

President and CEO / Red Hat

Sarah Sharp

Linux Software Developer /

Beerud Sheth

CEO / Gupshup

Stormy Peters

VP of Developer Relations / Cloud Foundry Foundation

Matt Hunckler

Founder & CEO / Verge

Azat Mardan

Technology Fellow / Capital One

Erica Stanley

Founder / Acire Studios, Women Who Code - Atlanta

Taylor Gerring

Co-Founder / Ethereum Foundation

Jono Bacon

Author/Community Leader /

Christine Abernathy

Developer Advocate / Facebook

Michael DeHaan

Inventor/Consultant /

Carlos Souza

Content Author / Code School

Kristin Whetstone

Software Engineer / CloudBees

Dustan Kasten

Web Developer / Walmart Labs

Sarah Kahn

UX Manager / Intel

Nathan L. Walls

Senior Software Engineer / VitalSource Technologies

Melissa Nysewander

Director of Data Science / Fidelity Investments

Hans Buwalda

CTO / Logigear

Steve Klabnik

Developer/Author / Mozilla

Tracy Osborn

DevRel / DreamFactory

Stuart Mackintosh

Director/Owner / OpusVL

Taylor Trusty

CEO / Blackstone Media

Will Hayes

CEO / Lucidworks

Amye Scavarda

Gluster Community Lead / Red Hat

Shaunak Kashyap

Developer Advocate / Elastic

Jim Jagielski

Director / Tech Fellow / Apache Software Foundation / Capital One

John Feminella

Advisor / Pivotal

Brandon Keepers

Head of Open Source / GitHub

Hillary Pitts

Product Strategist / Smashing Boxes

Matt Micene

Solution Architect / DLT Solutions

Bermon Painter

Experience Design, Practice Manager / Cardinal Solutions

Joel Crawford-Smith

IT Analyst, Web developer / Duke University

Craig Warman

MapR Technologies / Systems Engineer

Shane Curcuru

V.P., Brand Management / The Apache Software Foundation

Kent Dodds

Software Engineer / PayPal Inc.

Jen Looper

Developer Advocate / Telerik

Rommel Garcia

Senior Solution Engineer/Global SME Security Lead / Hortonworks, Inc.

Andrew Spyker

Senior Software Engineer / Netflix

Laura Hilliger

Staff Engagement Advisor / Greenpeace

Simon MacDonald

Senior Software Scientist / Adobe

Craig Vitter

Solution Architect / Basho Technologies

Emily Kurze

Marketing Programs Manager / The Linux Foundation

Amy Gebhardt

Software Developer/Chapter Leader / Wand/GDI Minneapolis

Blaine Carter

Developer Advocate for Open Source / Oracle

William Lyon

Developer Relations Engineer / Neo4j

Phillip Rhodes

Founder / CEO / Fogbeam Labs

Heather Shapiro

Technical Evangelist / Microsoft

Ann Marie Fred

Software Engineering Manager / IBM

Mark Gisi

Director, IP and Open Source Programs / Wind River

DeLisa Alexander

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer / Red Hat

Rebecca Fernandez

Principle Employment Branding + Communications Specialist / Red Hat

Ryan Lewis

Senior Web Engineer / Expedia

Kevin Ball

Lead Engineer / ZURB

Jessica Mauerhan

Senior Test Engineer / Grovo

P├ęter Czanik

Community Manager / Balabit

Rachel Andrew

Co-founder Perch CMS / edgeofmyseat.com

Tyler Jewell

CEO / Codenvy

Neha Narkhede

Co-founder and CTO / Confluent

Sameer Maggon

Founder / Measured Search, Inc.

Timm McShane

Director, Software & IT / SparkFun Electronics

Grant Ingersoll

CTO / Lucidworks

Jameson Lopp

Software Engineer / BitGo

John Sullivan

Executive Director / Free Software Foundation

Jen Wike Huger

Content Manager / Opensource.com, Red Hat

Michaela Smiley

Brand Strategist / Mozilla

Manny Puentes

CTO / Altitude Digital

James Schweitzer

Site Reliability Engineer / IBM Watson

Andrew Dunkman

Front-End Developer / Harvest

Doris Chen

Senior Developer Evangelist / Microsoft

Anthony Romano

Software Engineer / CoreOS

Edward Jiang

Developer Evangelist / Stormpath

Aaron Williams

Head of Advocacy / Mesosphere

Ed Finkler

Lead Developer and Head of Developer Culture / Graph Story

Lyndsey Padget

Technical Architect / VML

Ben Cotton

Technical Evangelist / Cycle Computing

Burr Sutter

Director of Developer Experience / Red Hat

Diane Patton

Technical Marketing Engineer / Cumulus Networks

Klaatu Einzelganger

Engineer / Slackermedia

Steve Amerige

Principal Software Developer / SAS Institute

Lance Gleason

Founder/Lead Architect / Polyglot Programming Inc.

Vilobh Meshram

Technical Yahoo! / Yahoo!

Preethi Thomas

QE Engineer / Red Hat

Rod Cope

CTO / Rogue Wave Software

Lee Calcote

Director of Technology and Strategy / Calcote Studios

Ashleigh Thevenet

Chief Operating Officer / Bluespark

Justin Dorfman

Director of Developer Relations / MaxCDN

Prasad Kandikonda

Director of Software Engineering / MultiTech

Thomas Cameron

Global Cloud Strategy Evangelist / Red Hat

Erin Young

Founder & Principal UX Architect / Slide UX

Van Wilson

Senior Consultant I / Cardinal Solutions

Tarus Balog


Sergey Razin

Chief Technology Officer / SIOS Technology Corp.

Rikki Endsley

Community Manager / Opensource.com, Red Hat

Ronald McCollam

Solutions Architect / resin.io

Ian Pointer

Senior Consultant / Mammoth Data

Erich Lee

Chief Executive Officer / Ideaz To Apps

Kristin Ottofy

Technical Evangelist / Microsoft

Dan Thyer

CTO and Co-Founder of Logical Advantage / Logical Advantage

Charlie Reisinger

Technology Director / Penn Manor School District

Brandon Mathis

Lead Developer / Smashing Boxes

Jen Krieger

Chief Agile Architect / Red Hat

Aaron Ladage

UI Engineer / DEG

Dave Stokes

MySQL Community Manager / Oracle

Eric Martindale

Technology Evangelist / Blockstream

Anna Derbakova

Software Engineer / IBM Blockchain

Mark Lavin

Technical Director / Caktus Group

Sean Cavanaugh

Senior Consultant / Cumulus Networks

Steve Faulkner

Director of Engineering / Bustle

Heidi Ellis

Professor / Western New England University

Evan Booth

Engineer / Skookum

Gregory Hislop

Professor / Drexel University

Stephen Walli

Distinguished Technologist / Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Jim Salter

System Administrator / Author / Openoid

Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Open Source Developer Evangelist / Microsoft

Stu Keroff

Technology Coordinator / Community School of Excellence

Jason Hibbets

Opensource.com Community Manager / Red Hat

Dan Ternes

Co-CEO / Hardware Guy / Maniacal Labs

Sarah Glova

President & Founder / Reify Media

Christopher Mancini

Software Engineer / Basho Technologies, Inc.

Adam Haile

Co-CEO / Software Ninja / Maniacal Labs

Brian Carrigan

Backend and Systems Engineer / Smashing Boxes

Jamie Jennings

Senior Technical Staff Member, Advanced Technology Projects / IBM

Jason Hare

Open Data Evangelist / OpenDataSoft

Dave Voyles

Sr. Technical Evangelist / Microsoft

Alex Meadows

Principal Consultant / CSpring

Gina Likins

University Outreach, Open Source and Standards / Red Hat

Carlos Villavicencio

Security Researcher / Intel

Larry McQueary

Director Product, NATS / Apcera

Peter Zaitsev

CEO / Percona

Terrell Russell

Chief Technologist / iRODS Consortium, RENCI

Valerie Parham-Thompson

Lead Database Consultant / Pythian

Jonathan Bean

Attorney / FOSS Advocate /

Andy Watson

Lead Developer / Make & Build

Jim Scarborough

Software Developer / Red Hat

Adrian Pomilio

UI Architect - Platform Team Lead / TMA

Ian Philpot

Sr. Technical Evangelist / Microsoft

Jim Ruehlin

IoT Open Integrations Architect / IBM

Don Schenck

Director of Developer Experience / Red Hat

Betsy Eble

Senior User Experience Architect, Red Hat Global Partner Marketing / Red Hat

Jason Baker

Technical Editor, Opensource.com / Red Hat

Jason DeRose

Chief of Research & Development / System76

Rafael Benevides

Director of Developer Experience / Red Hat

Alexander Rubin

Principal Architect / Percona

Philip Norman

Engineer / Mesosphere

Joe Brockmeier

Manager, Community Team (Open Source and Standards office) / Red Hat