DeShawn Brown

Lithios Apps

A native of Greensboro, NC, DeShawn Brown graduated with a degree in Computer Science from NC State University in 2014. While in school he was a Park Scholar as well as an ambassador for the Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Among other things, while in school DeShawn founded Lithios in 2014 with a mission to create mobile experiences and products that make a strong impact in our community. Focusing on iOS, the founding team wanted a name that reflected the everlasting energy and relentlessness they demonstrated. Lithium, an element used in producing modern batteries, represented the same long-lasting and powerful drive the team possessed. Combining Lithium with the team’s original passion for iOS, they formed “Lithios” (Lithium + iOS).

As Lithios grew as a company, the team realized the need in the Triangle for a passionate mobile group who understood the importance of quality design, development and creativity to build powerful mobile experiences. They knew they could help reach this vision of creating and impacting a broader community by offering these services.

Lithios now works with not only Raleigh-based startups like Offline Media, Operation 36 Golf, and Silbo but also with household enterprise brands like DraftKings, Bayer, and Intel, all while being known as the go-to shop for the best mobile and web products for companies in the area. Startups in the Triangle that have worked with Lithios on their apps have gone on to raise over $5.5 million in funding. Our enterprise portfolio includes Fortune 500 companies and Innovative “Unicorns” with Billion Dollar Valuations.

In addition, DeShawn started a second company Coworks, which was accepted in the nationally renown 2018 cohort of Google for Entrepreneurs Black Founders Exchange. Coworks is a coworking space management platform that utilizes open source technology to help with space utilization, community engagement, membership growth, and increasing revenue. Ultimately, this empowers coworking space community managers to make data driven decisions, capture key insights on their space, and save themselves time in the day to day operations of their space.

Being born and raised in NC, a product of its college system, and a successful business owner DeShawn has always aimed to put NC on the map!