Diane Mueller

Red Hat

Diane Mueller is Director, Community Development for Red Hat Cloud Platforms, responsible for OpenShift, Kubernetes and related upstream Cloud Native projects. She is the founder of OpenShift Commons, the open source software initiative connecting users, engineers, and upstream project communities in a peer-to-peer network model across the OpenShift ecosystem. She got her start in open source by advocating for open standards initiatives and was involved in the early days of cloud interoperability standards efforts of OASIS/TOSCA and the financial XML data standard, XBRL. She has been designing and implementing mission-critical applications at Fortune 500 corporations for over 30 years. Diane started her career as a sysadmin and database administrator. She’s been a part of numerous tech startups including ACL, Make Technology, CypressLogic, Metamoji, Fatport and ActiveState – and always incorporated open source as part of their development and business strategies.

As the head of community development for OKD, Red Hat’s Kubernetes distribution that powers Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, Diane has grown Commons to 525+ member organizations, led over 100 companies to share their adoption journeys at the OpenShift Commons Gatherings and recorded hundreds of podcasts to teach others about cloud native and Kubernetes technologies. She chairs special interest groups on complex software topics like machine learning, IoT and Edge computing. Diane also hosts meetup groups in Vancouver and Victoria BC, and speaks as a variety of events around the world helping newcomers learn about cloud native projects. She loves to ‘give the podium away’, has mentored hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds to become active participants and speakers on tech stages around the globe.