Gabriele Columbro


Gabriele is an open source leader and technologist at heart, having spent more than 10 years building thriving communities and delivering business value through open source. He thrives in working with both in open source communities and open source commercial ventures to drive disruptive innovation, whether it’s for an early stage tech startup, a Fortune 500 firm or a non profit foundation. Gabriele brings a wealth of expertise in executive and technical leadership, ranging from FinTech to enterprise collaboration, from developer platforms to SaaS ARR business models. Previously Director of Product Management at Alfresco, as Executive Director Gabriele grew the the Fintech Open Source Foundation from the ground up, with the vision of creating a trusted arena for Wall Street to accelerate the digital transformation, engaging in a new model of open source FinTech innovation. Gabriele is also PMC Member for the Apache Software Foundation and an advisor for BANKEX token. He’s a passionate soccer fan, reggae music connoisseur and a South Park groupie.