Piet Kruithof


Pieter Kruithof, MS, CUXP, CSPO is a highly pragmatic user experience research and design professional with deep domain experience in cloud technology spanning the infrastructure, middleware, and application layers. Over the past seven years, he has spoken with developers, architects, and operators over a wide range of topics including infrastructure management, CI/CD processes, and serverless.

He was previously the UX Team Lead for the OpenStack open source cloud project which included contributors from Red Hat, IBM, HPE, Intel, and Cisco. During Piet’s tenure, the OpenStack UX cross-functional team created cloud personas, redesigned the operations portal, and conducted over fifteen studies with customers from companies including Wikimedia, CERN, Intel, Spectrum, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).

Piet is currently a Sr User Researcher with the IBM Hybrid Cloud group and focused on both the middleware and application layers.

Most importantly, Piet has a sixteen-year-old lab named Waterbug.