Stu Keroff

Technology Coordinator / Community School of Excellence

Stu Keroff is the technology coordinator at Community School of Excellence, a Hmong charter school in Saint Paul, MN. He helps to integrate technology into the classrooms of students, almost all of whom are immigrants or children of immigrants from Southeast Asia.

Stu is a licensed elementary education and middle school social studies teacher, and is a long time Linux enthusiast. He is also the founder and faculty adviser of the CSE Asian Penguins, the world’s first and only Linux users group based in a Hmong charter school. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in this club use Linux to recycle computers for needy families. To date, the club has given away over 80 computers and provided over 90 more for their school.

Information and activities of the Asian Penguins can be seen at their website and on their You Tube channel.