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UI / UX / Design

2-for-1: Guidelines on Designing for Accessibility in UX Design/Up your Game with the Power of the Right Brain

Christiana Unaeze    Hannah Magnan   

Christiana Unaeze – Guidelines on Designing for Accessibility in UX Design (Introductory)

One main goal of great UX design is designing products that ANYONE can use. If you are not thinking about accessibility, then you’re not thinking about the full user experience. Ideally, the user experience for everyone should be the same regardless of physical or cognitive limitations. This means addressing user accessibility scenarios from the onset. Accessibility makes it possible for people with disabilities to understand and navigate well designed products. However, accessibility is often one of the last things addressed in product and software design. These guidelines will cover some of the major things needed to meet the accessibility standards in Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

Hannah Magnan – Up your Game with the Power of the Right Brain (Introductory)

The right and left brain are true complements for each other. In STEM, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of working siloed with similarly minded teammates. True innovation comes from the combining of the left and right brain strengths. We’ll examine how you can take your tech game to the next level by partnering with right-brain creative and UX teams…and explain why right brains focus on the details that you often want to roll-your eyes at!