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October 13 - 15


Front-End Engineering

2-for-1: TBA / @pika/web and a Brief History of ES Modules

Drew Powers   


Speaker and talk coming soon!

Drew Powers – @pika/web and a Brief History of ES Modules (Intermediate)

Code-splitting, lazy-loading, and bundle distribution have become pillars of the front-end JavaScript stack, but how many of us understand it deeply? How many of us want to know it better? It’s been a complicated road, but ES Module bundlers like @pika/web make it not only easier than ever to understand, but also more performant than it’s ever been. In this talk we’ll cover (briefly) why bundling JavaScript got so gash darn complicated for browsers, and how @pika/web and ES Modules are paving the way to a better web future—for JS devs and users.