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October 13 - 15


Back-End Developer

2-for-1: Using Open Source Principles to Minimize Software Risk / Beepity Boop (Please Talk Back)

Amanda Brock    Mark Halpin   

Amanda Brock – Using Open Source Principles to Minimize Software Risk (Intermediate)

We are rapidly developing norms which demonstrate good practices and compliance. Using the transparency of open source we can ensure the minimization of risk. However, the minimization of risk will only result if you know what to look for and what to do. This talk will answer the following fundamental questions:

1. What are the risks inherent in all software, and how can we identify and measure them in open source?
2.Are there collaborative ways to manage risk?
3. Is it possible to apply the collaboration and openness that has made open source the future of software to risk and to the (shared) management of risk?

Attendees will walk away with a clearer understanding of what software security risks are and how to identify and measure them. In addition, attendees will better understand how to apply open source principles to reduce and better manage (collaboratively) risk.

Mark Halpin – Beepity Boop (Please Talk Back) (Intermediate)

Chat bots are everywhere. From Slack, to customer service, and even process automation. But have you ever wondered how to make your own? If so, keep reading!

This session will have you chatting with a machine in no time! Learn how to create a chat bot from scratch using Python, and what it takes to create the front end, back end, and all the machine learning parts in between!