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October 13 - 15


Front-End Developer

Achievement Unlocked: Drive development, increase velocity, and write blissful tests with Cypress

Brian Mann   

The demand for developer productivity has never been greater. We are expected to continuously improve and release code, often several times a day. But how do we achieve this kind of velocity without introducing bugs? How can our codebase adapt to changing business requirements, while still keeping technical debt to a minimum?

Brian Mann, founder and creator of, will demonstrate how writing high value automated tests enables teams to achieve these goals. He will show you how teams use tools like Cypress to help them write fast, easy, and reliable tests that boost quality, developer productivity, and team velocity.

Additionally, Brian will detail how testing successfully integrates into the release pipeline. He’ll cover how high-value tests map directly to business requirements, and demonstrate how day-to-day development can be driven by tests. He’ll also cover CI integration, keeping build times fast with parallelization, and cover best practices for utilizing Github Status Checks and PR review. Finally, he’ll also showcase how the value of tests can be expanded with code coverage and visual regression.