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October 13 - 15



An Introduction to Kubernetes Functionality and an Update on the Kubernetes Conformance Certification Program

Brad Topol   

Kubernetes continues to experience explosive growth as it becomes the de facto platform of choice for the creation of cloud native computing applications. Key to the value proposition of this open source infrastructure is that Kubernetes environments be interoperable across different vendors’ environments. This ensures that Kubernetes applications are portable and customers feel confident that vendor lock-in is not occurring. The Kubernetes development community recently formed a Kubernetes Certification Program and Kubernetes Conformance Workgroup to define requirements and test suites that are suitable for certifying Kubernetes environments as meeting conformance/interoperability requirements. In this talk I will begin with an introduction to Kubernetes that covers its functionality and capabilities. I will then I provide an overview of the Kubernetes Certification Program and the Kubernetes Conformance workgroup and give updates from our most recent meeting held at KubeCon. I will also discuss how the Kubernetes open source code test suite is annotated to identify and describe conformance tests and also explain how to get involved and contribute to this critical initiative.