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October 13 - 15


Mobile Developer

Behavior Driven Development with the Spek Framework

Fred Medlin   

Until the Spek Framework appeared, there were few options available for Behavior Driven Development in mobile applications.

Spek is a BDD test framework that supports two styles: a “specification” style similar to RSpec and a “gherkin” style inspired by Cucumber. Spek is powered by Kotlin and runs like JUnit, making it compatible with any JVM based language.

Spek currently appears on ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar ASSESS category for Languages and Frameworks. This talk will provide an overview of Spek and explain what all the excitement is about.

Traditional unit tests are usually for developers only. While Spek is indeed an executable test DSL, we’ll also focus on its organizational superpower: How to use BDD as a communication and collaboration tool for all project stakeholders. This additional transparency helps everyone participate and quickly reach a shared understanding of what to expect from their development team.