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October 13 - 15


Hardware / IoT

Bending the IoT to your will with JavaScript

Brandon Satrom   

In 2018, connected, embedded systems are everywhere, and “the IoT” is quickly moving beyond the connected-toaster memes of recent years and into the realm of reality. And as more and more developers are solving real problems with IoT devices, they are discovering that building an IoT solution is about more than a microcontroller, sensors, actuators and a Wi-Fi or cellular radio. It’s also about how that device interfaces with the world around it, makes its data available, and allows itself to be controlled from the cloud.

Ultimately, building IoT solutions is about building applications that leverage hardware, firmware, and software, and savvy developers are discovering that, in the software realm, JavaScript plays a heavy role in enabling connected applications. In this session, we’ll explore some of the ways that the modern developer can take control of the IoT with JavaScript.