OCTOBER 23 - 24, 2017
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC

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Case Study/Demo

Coding with a Co-Pilot: The Cloud Foundry Dojo Experience

Stormy Peters   

The world of software development is ever-changing and often, open source leads the way–from Waterfall to Agile to continuous integration. Cloud Foundry is uniquely positioned as both a collection of projects and a product that enables organizations to run applications on an industry standard, multi-cloud infrastructure. Many open source projects grow haphazardly, like a house with no blueprint. Cloud Foundry was designed and evolved in order to ensure balance between competing interests, ingrained processes (like “pairing”) that improve quality and developer satisfaction, and vital collaboration among large companies (including Pivotal, IBM, HPE and more). In my talk, I’ll go into detail about how these elements differentiate Cloud Foundry, in addition to giving the audience tangible processes for incorporating concepts like training centers (Dojos), pair programming, continuous integration and roadmap planning into their p rojects. The community and culture within Cloud Foundry is comprised of practical, well-documented processes and strong developers, moves at an ultra high velocity and holds an open mind for all new projects. Bring the best of the future of development to your project!