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October 13 - 15



Connected Data & the Graph Database Landscape

Greg Jordan   

In this talk, we’ll review reasons why you should and should not use graphs, graphs in context of NOSQL as well as review the most popular graph database options.

Graph databases are the fastest growing and evolving category of database systems. Why have graphs grown so fast in popularity? First, they are designed for modeling data architectures when working with highly connected data and can offer superior performance for analyzing highly connected data, especially in real-time. They also offer significant flexibility and support on-the-fly, frequent schema changes, which is great for managing constantly changing data architectures. This talk will review the graph landscape and provide an overview of many options, specifically:

  • Graph Database Use Cases
  • When not to use a Graph Database
  • Graph Databases in the NOSQL world
  • Pros & Cons of Graph Database options, including: Arango, Cosmos DB (Azure), dGraph, JanusGraph, Neo4j, Neptune (Amazon), Spark + GraphX