October 21-22-23, 2018
Raleigh Convention Center
Downtown Raleigh, NC & The RTP

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Copyleft All the Things!

John Sullivan   

…or at least all the software.

Copyleft is the fuel that launched the current free software boom. Oddly, after such success, some seem eager to deprecate it. The successful tools of yesterday aren’t necessarily the best tools for tomorrow, so we need to consider:

  • Is copyleft complicated?
  • Is copyleft anti-business?
  • Is copyleft risky?
  • Is copyleft declining?
  • Is copyleft better than bourbon?

This session is for people seeking to understand changes in the licensing landscape, and to know when to advocate which kind of license. When copyleft *is* the right choice, how does one explain why to the Boss?