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October 13 - 15



Demystifying Distributed Work: Tips and tools for modern teams

Cami Kaos   

Having worked remotely (from home, distributed, telecommuting, etc.) for multiple companies for more than 8 years and acting as a community leader for a global project for 6 years Cami has learned a thing or two about being both a distributed employee and a leader. Let her share with you tools and platforms she and her teams have found most useful. Then revel in her triumphs, laugh at her failures and pitfalls, and learn from the wisdom of other remote workers she’s met along the way.

Our four main areas of focus will be:

  • Tools for distributed teams: What are they, how to use them, and which to use for what.
  • How to build relationships and trust when you’re collaborating over the internet.
  • Tips for synchronous and asynchronous communication and giving and receiving feedback when you’re not all in one place.
  • Advice on how to stay “human” as a remote worker.
  • The goal is to share both victories and failures with a fun look into how others have done it while leaving attendees with practical knowledge that they can apply to their own lives.