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Big Data

From Big Data to Action: How To Break Out of the Silos and Leverage Data Governance for Your Organization

John Mertic    Chris Replogle   

ODPi founders Cloudera, SAS, IBM, ING and other members, are creating an open metadata and governance ecosystem that enables an organization to get the maximum value from data while managing the risks associated with data collection, storage and use.

This collaborative effort between vendors, customers, data architects and developers bring different perspectives to the complex problems of Data Governance and allows for quicker and more creative solutions to get the most out of a company’s data.

ODPi Egeria supports the free flow of standardized metadata between different technologies and vendor platforms, enabling organizations to locate, manage and use their data resources more effectively. Explore how ODPi Egeria’s set of open APIs, types and interchange protocols to allow all metadata repositories to share and exchange metadata. From this common base, it adds governance, discovery and access frameworks for automating the collection, management and use of metadata across an enterprise. The result is an enterprise catalog of data resources that are transparently assessed, governed and used in order to deliver maximum value to the enterprise.