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October 13 - 15


Mobile Developer

From Cross Platform to Cross Framework

Mike Hartington   

Ionic has been a leader in cross-platform app development since the open source Ionic Framework was released back in 2016. Even then, Ionic’s stated mission was to make it possible for any web developer to build great-looking mobile and desktop apps, without having to learn new skills. But up until recently, Ionic really only worked with Google’s Angular framework. That meant that if you were a React or Vue developer, you couldn’t use it without ditching your frontend flavor of choice. So, to make Ionic more accessible, we recently went through a major rewrite of our platform to make it compatible with Angular, React, Vue, or any frontend tech you wanted – even just plain ol’ vanilla JavaScript.

In this talk, we’ll look at how we did it and some of the challenges faced during the process. And share a little about our ongoing mission to encourage devs to use the Web Platform as the best way to build apps using open tech and open standards.