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October 13 - 15



Gender, Poverty, and Race in Technology

Dr. Rochelle Newton   

The discussion of Gender, Poverty, and Race in Technology will highlight the need for increasing the number of employees color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math/Medicine (STEM). The browning and greying of America how these changes will impact the economy. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and Blockchain are poised to disrupt many, what are the implications with so little diversity in these technologies. As companies move to algorithm decision-making, automation, robotics, and other smart technologies, many jobs held by underskilled and undereducated employees are likely to create vast inequities and increase crime. Shared economies will increase bias and discrimination. With options to share a ride, rent a home, crowdfunding, couchsurfing, reselling, co-working, and other shared economies technologies will lead to further segmentation in the overall population.

Gender, Poverty, and Race in Technology discusses the impact on the economy from the lens of race. People of color are significantly underrepresented in STEM. Leadership for people of color still has firsts. There are more men named John than there are people of color or women in leadership roles. Technology is achromatic. However, companies hold onto stereotypes and outdated practices when hiring in STEM, including pay equality, access, and opportunity. Gender, Poverty, and Race in Technology will examine people of color and women in STEM and what can be done to change the narrative.