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October 13 - 15



I Hear You Like Meshes, Here’s a Mesh to Connect Your Meshes

John Joyce   

Open Source has many application service mesh related projects (Istio,Linkerd, SMI, etc.). Network Service Mesh (NSM), a relatively new addition to the Open Source landscape, aims to solve a slightly different problem. Used together they are immensely powerful. NSM aims to solve problems dealing with heterogeneous network configurations and multicloud scenarios, especially when exotic protocols like tunneling are required. NSM can be used to solve microservice specific multicloud connectivity issues, but even with that connectivity, application service mesh integration with Istio doesn’t come for free. Application service mesh solutions are great in single cloud environments but become unwieldy or unusable across multiple environments. In this talk and demo we will show an NSM multicloud application connectivity solution with Istio integration to provide the control, security and observability applications require ACROSS multiple clouds. We will demo an NSM adapter for Istio which provides Istio a view of the NSM connected workloads. This will allow Istio to provide seamless control over microservices regardless of how they are connected.