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October 13 - 15


Extended Sessions / Workshops 4

Introduction to Containers: From Docker to Kubernetes and everything in-between (Extended Session)

Brent Laster   

In this workshop, students will get a quick overview of what containers are and why they form the basis for many of the key technologies that we use today in cloud environments.

We’ll explore what makes up a container and how they are managed and leveraged in key industry tooling including Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, and Istio. You’ll also learn the basics of these technologies, what they are used for, and see some simple examples of how to use them.

This workshop will include hands-on labs where you will get experience:

Building container images, running them as containers, and tagging and pushing them into a Docker repository.
Creating deployments, services, and pods for containers and instantiating and running those in Kubernetes.
Working with Helm to leverage templates for Kubernetes objects and managing releases in Kubernetes.
Working with Istio to do traffic shaping between multiple versions of your app, fault and delay injection for testing and validation in Kubernetes.

We’ll also briefly cover GitOps – the recommend Git-based way to manage infrastructure like your Kubernetes cluster.

Students attending this workshop will need to prepare with the following requirements:

– a modern laptop with at least 8G of memory and 15G of free space
– an installed version of the VirtualBox application from
– a downloaded copy of the virtual machine image (.ova) file from a location to be supplied

It is important that students verify they can run VirtualBox without issues on the system prior to the workshop. Because of the limited time and number of students, the instructor will not be able to help debug issues running the application.