October 21-22-23, 2018
Raleigh Convention Center
Downtown Raleigh, NC & The RTP

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Case Study/Demo

NATS: Simple, Secure, and Scalable Messaging for the Cloud Native Era

Waldemar Quevedo   

The majority of middleware and messaging systems in use were built in a time that did not have the concept of scale and real-time data that developers operate in today.

With the rise of ‘Cloud Native’ and Microservices architectures as a design principle and the emphasis on simplicity, speed, and flexibility that come with it, developers need a messaging protocol to match.

Enter NATS. NATS is a remarkably lightweight messaging protocol, and extremely flexible and resilient. It is just a few MB in size, and can scale to publish tens of millions of message from a single server.

This talk will give an overview of what NATS is, and also showcase some monitoring tools you can use to get the most out of a NATS cluster, followed by QnA – so bring questions!