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October 13 - 15



Nurturing Developer Communities & Feeding Sales: Can they be BFFs? Subtitle: Cultivating Respectful Relationships for Mutual Success

Laura Czajkowski   

Developer Advocates and Community Managers usually focus on key areas such as raising awareness of the product, building a vibrant developer community, and perhaps deeply engaging with customers and working with partners. Each of these core activities are externally facing, but to truly succeed in doing these endeavors, strong relationships must be cultivated internally as well as externally.

This talk examines how your community team can build well-founded and sustainable relationships with your sales and business development teams. We’ll look at the journey from onboarding and educating a sales person on developer advocacy, to aligning and educating the teams on the outreach work being done in the community, to how all parties can complement one another’s work.

By the time they leave, attendees will learn how to gain a wider net of influence within their companies, and how to help both community & sales groups learn from one another.