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October 13 - 15



Overcoming KubeSprawl for Fun and Profit

Matt Jarvis   

Kubesprawl is becoming a real challenge – with over 70 ways to deploy and on average 15 clusters, how can we keep going fast without being slowed down by operations overhead?

Kubernetes is being adopted by most teams and they each have their own way of doing things, which leads to inconsistency and takes us back to the bad days of snowflakes and separate environments. How can we show both the development productivity benefits of Kubernetes as well as the financial and operational ones if we still treat Kubernetes clusters as pets?

Learn how to achieve high density multiple Kubernetes clusters bin-packed on the same OS instances without virtualization, while still retaining isolation. We’ll talk about the challenges of resource usage, network separation and service automation for both the developer and operator, and how we can avoid them.