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October 13 - 15


Pinball is simple, action-packed, and fun. The game always starts the same, and it always ends the same. But pull the plunger, and an infinite number of things can happen. In Elixir functional programming, a function always starts the same, and will always return something back. But kick that function off, and your arguments can bounce from module to module, shooting off messages to the scoreboard, or to Twitter, or to a million clients on a million phones. Simple, action-packed, and fun. That’s Elixir.

This talk is an introduction designed to get object-oriented programmers excited about a new way of thinking. It will show new possibilities presented by the Elixir language and others like it.

Through the talk, attendees will

  • Ooh at the magic of ten-thousand Beam processes
  • Laugh with glee at Elixir’s easy-to-read “gimmie what I want” shorthand
  • Learn pinball terms like plunger, outlane, and slam-tilt
  • Delight in simple inter-process messaging
  • And experience a sudden craving for some pinball excitement!

Adrian has a quick, entertaining presentation-style. If you’re new to Elixir, you’ll learn a lot. And if you’re already a fan, you’ll get a new way to share it with others.