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October 13 - 15


Front-End Engineering

Shaping Up WITHOUT Angular JS

David Rogers    Jake Dohm   

Angular JS had a long run from beta in 2009 to a strong 1.0 release in 2010 to it’s EOL announcement in 2015… Well, 2016… Okay, maybe finally in 2019? Whenever the team cuts the final release of 1.7, the time is coming to graduate to something new. But how, short of a stop-the-world rewrite?

In this panel discussion, Jake Dohm will moderate a set of speakers who have taken their teams through migration from Angular (and other, darker magic) to Vue JS, React, and the next major release of Angular. They’ll talk about the lessons they learned, the mistakes they made, and the tactics and strategies that helped their team shape up WITHOUT Angular JS.