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October 13 - 15


Mobile Developer

Should your mobile app be a PWA?

Tom Wilson   

Progressive Web Apps allow you to build high quality user mobile experiences that work offline and empower the user to install without having to use the app stores. More and more users are using the web on mobile and a handful of apps. Users don’t want to install apps because they are afraid that it will take up too much space on their phone. Browser, Email, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram are the core apps users use. Companies like Twitter, Trivago, and Flipkart have seen much better adoption with PWAs.

PWAs empower developers to build mobile apps with open web technologies. This is not new, but with PWAs, as a developer you get the ability to build app like experiences without using hybrid toolkits like Cordova, Ionic and React Native.

In this talk, we will step through the developer experience of building and shipping a PWA and provide a guide that development teams can use to determine if PWA Technology is the right way for their application needs.